Friday, January 7, 2011

The Unveiling of the UFO's

Well, here it is.
Someone, who shall not be named (but I think it was Cindy from Beelady Farm) challenged me to share my UFO's.

Im cheating a little, because I'm only showing you the crochet ones..........

Number one.  The Ripple Blanket.

I started this one at Christmas when I was at my mothers' in Victoria.

My sister and nephew gave me some yarn for Christmas and I just HAD to start something with it while I was there.
After all, I was feeling slightly left out, being about the only blogging crocheter without a ripple blanket.....

This one will be my 'whenever I get around to it, and don't feel like doing anything else, watching telly' project.

Number 2.  The Blue and Green thing that is going on the spare bed project.

I am doing these squares from Jan Eaton's book, 200 crochet squares.

It is for a single bed.  My intention is to also make a scrap patchwork quilt to go with it.

Number 3.  The 'I also must have a hexagon blanket' project.

Well, I actually do have a hexagon blanket already, but, a different type of hexagon.

The colours match in with my sofa. 

Number 4.  The 'Grandma Kludas cushion' project

I started this one to give to my niece for Christmas, BUT, I was only given two days notice, so wasn't sure when I started it if it would get finished, but I wanted to do it anyway.
And, I probably could have finished it, except for the problem of the round cushion inserts.

Is it possible to buy round cushion inserts, or do you have to contort a square one?  I would be grateful for this information.

Number 5.  The 'I started it, but maybe it might have to become something else' project.

This was originally going to be for the spare bed, but ended up not being happy with the pink for that room.
This project has been stuffed into the cupboard until I get around to reinventing it into something else.

Well Cindy, I have to be honest and say that if I added up all my other projects, maybe (just maybe), I do hae more than you...... ;)



  1. I've been craving a hexagon blanket, but now you've made me think I ought to make a ripple one, too - yours in gorgeous!

  2. These are all really beautiful. I've seen round cushions inserts but they seem to be rare. What about just buying a round pillow?

  3. Well first of all I'm going to be nice and say that I tried to send you a comment the other day and get you out of bed to celebrate your birthday, but for some reason, I couldn't get the comment form to work. So how was the BIG ONE! Been there, done that. Except for hitting peri-menopausal problems that same summer, turning 50 wasn't so bad.'s still AWFUL!

    Now, for this post....AH-HEM (BIG throat clear) I posted everything...including non-crochet dearie. Just posting crochet is not fair. And yes I do believe you just might have more than me! But I love all of yours. I even like the one with the pink in it. They are all beautiful.


  4. You have some pretty ideas waiting in the wings to be finished. I imagine you could find many sisters in blogland who try to hide the fact they have countless UFO's, myself included. In fact I am trying to come clean and "it" has been the subject of some of my first posting. I figured "just bare your soul woman". I know a woman who keeps all her UFO's in pretty totes and when she walks out the door she grabs whatever one she fancies to work on. Oh now there is a new project....shouldn't I be making some totes? LOL

  5. Oh! I love those green and blue blocks, as in really love them, they brought me to tears! And I have that book. But I'm already working on a granny square blanket. :0( I think I'm a bit tired and emotional...

  6. they are all lovely!
    I've been wanting to do some crochet for a while now and really like the crocheted squares from Jan Eaton's book ... I'll have to search around to see if I can find it here in the States.
    I'm part of a group of women on facebook called the Rainy Day Quilters. There's a challenge to finish as many UFO"s as we can in this year, at least one a month and post their pictures. I haven't counted my UFO's yet but know I have a few!
    So glad that we are blog friends as I do so enjoy your blog!

  7. Oh wow, I love the colour combination of the colours in the top photo. So lovely!

  8. That Cindy Bee...does have her nerve....!lol

  9. Hi Fi, happy belated birthday (I too had trouble posting a comment that day). Hope you embrace it because I'm sure you've earned every darn year! I'm almost there myself... My goodness look at all your wonderful projects. I definitely see the artist in you with that great eye for color. Here's to much creative spirit for you this next decade :-)

  10. They are all beautiful. And the colours are amazing!

  11. Everything is beautiful! I am always working on several different projects.


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