Thursday, January 13, 2011

Needlefelted Earrings

So here's part of what transpired today.

A gathering of supplies for my project

Rolling up the wool into a ball.

Starting to needlefelt on the brush.

Warning: Needlefelting is a blood sport!!!

Starting to shape like a strawberry

Crocheting a couple of leaves

 Sew on leaves, and sew on some seed beads

Add in the earring findings (find out how to do that here)

And, ta dah.......


  1. Love them! Would give them a try but have left my Clover needlefelting tool and all the coloured fleece in France. Dang!

  2. they are lovely! almost good enough to eat!

  3. Hi

    I'm in Diane's course at the moment and just popped over to see your blog being a fellow Aussie. I love your needle felted strawberries, very lovely! Also love your photos of Wollongong, we just loved Wollongong when we used to live in the Southern Highlands too - so warm, so nice and so many lovely beaches.

  4. Oh how clever! They would even be darling as ornaments on a little kitchen tree during the holidays or even on the big tree.

  5. Hey Fi! I'm back - woohoo!!! And I downloaded YOUR header on my blog! I figured it would work once I got my wifi back. Thank you so much. Now I must say I LOVE those earrings. How cute. Reminds me of summer, which I miss terribly much. I've done a bit of felting, but I really like the way you added crochet and beads and such to the felting. It just adds...

    I gotta run. I need to help a friend who has an antique type booth at our local Antique Mall. I really planned on staying home today, but she needs the help and I told her last week to call me and I'd help her. It's almost lunch time and I'm still in my pj's! So I will catch up with your blog later.

    Just wondered though - is the flooding anywhere near you? It got to one of my other blogger buddies. Very scary.


  6. Found these on pinterest, and fell madly love. Beautiful work!


I love reading your comments. You made the sun shine brighter today.