Monday, January 31, 2011

Too hot, too cool, too darn cheeky

When I was a young school girl in Scotland, many moons ago, my best friend and I used to dream of moving to a flat in London, having curly shoulder length hair, and wearing Laura Ashley dresses.

We moved to Australia when I was 15 and the Laura Ashley dresses never did eventuate (although I did get a Laura Ashley jacket when it was on sale).
So, naturally, I was thrilled, enchanted, delighted and excited when I received this gift from sister number 4 -


My very own Laura Ashley wellies!!!

Here they are sitting in my herb garden.
Don't they just look adorable?

While we are in a red mood, (the weather is exceptionally hot here today, too hot to be outside in my garden, where I would really like to be, or even too hot for a craft project) I thought I would show you some granny squares that I am planning to send to Sarah London's flood appeal blanket thingy.

The colours make me think of chillies.

And my favourite kitchen appliance, my kitchenaid mixer, is hot.

And now for the too darn cheeky -

While I was out photographing my wellies in the herb garden, look who I ran into.

No, they are not my hens.

They are the marauding strawberry thieves from next door.
They seem to prefer my garden to their own home these days - and they lie in wait for me to lift the net off the strawberry patch, and, quick as a wink, there in!

And do you think they care when I try to shoo them off....... no way.  (You can sort of tell that from the 'talk to the backside 'cos the face ain't listening' type of stance.....)

To add insult to injury, this is what I found as I left the herb garden -

Pardon me while I dig holes in your garden and have myself a dust bath - after all, what's a girl to do when it's too darn hot!

Not to be outdone, her girlfriend was digging her hole under the table.

Im off to look up chicken pie recipes ....



  1. LOL at the chicken pie comment! Too funny! :)

  2. Ha ha, "marauding strawberry thieves" - hilarious!

    Get a dog?

  3. love the wellies! I wouldn't mind a pair like that myself! I too, dreamed of wearing Laura Ashley, think I ended up with a sweater (on sale, of course).
    Just love your blog!
    The chickens and your story about them is pretty funny. I lived next door to a guy who had a whole bunch of them AND a rooster. They used to come over to MY house and the rooster was always attacking me. I liked the hens but that rooster wasn't welcome.
    I'm in Portland, OR and we've got cooler weather, 39 degrees this morning. I don't envy you the hot weather. Stay cool!

  4. So did you find any eggs?
    Sparrows have dust baths in my patch so I know what a mess you have there!

    I didnt know you were from Scotland, maybe its best that you missed out on the Laura Ashley dresses, after working in a charity shop you could spot an 80s LA dress a mile off hideously twee!!

    Hopefully your little intruders will gobble up all the pests in your garden!!

    Clare x

  5. Hi Fi, what a delightful post! From the lovely wellies (which I now must find for myself) to the chicken shenanigans...too funny. Thanks for the smile today :-)

  6. Fi. This is so funny! I do love chickens though. If I had a little more yard I would have a few of my own. Maybe they will leave you an egg or two in return. May sound crazy to you but I am dreaming of when warm weather will return to us. We are expecting 10" of snow tonight! So happy you liked the Wands. And just because is a fine reason. If you noticed we make 3. One for Isabel one for Sophie and one for me! Also love those boots. Enjoy!

  7. Lovely boots! I got a new pair recently from Lakeland as my old ones are in France and anyway, badly faded by sun having been kept in a greenhouse for some months! I would keep yours out of the sun if I were you!

  8. Hello, Fi

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. Also, check out my last post:
    I mention you there. :)


  9. While blog-surfing I found your blog.
    Are you used to the weather down-under yet ☺
    Enjoyed reading your post, off to read more

  10. Hi Fi! Thanks for the lovely get well messages. I'm hoping I am on the mend. I feel like getting on my computer, so it's a start. I know I'll be better when I want to crochet, knit...craft something. Anyway, Love the wellies. And I was thinking, maybe we could take our temperature and your temperature and average them out and we'd all be happy! WE are getting a blizzard right NOW. You should hear the winds and the ice hitting the windows. It's dark and eerie outside. It sounds horrible. I'm sure you'll be seeing lots of pics on our blogs. Take care and stay cool (want me to send you some snow?)

    Cindy Bee

  11. Oh the bane of having neighbors with chickens! They terrorized our garden last year digging up bulbs and scratching deep trenches. We (no lie) got so desperate to shew them away, we filled old water guns with water and a splash of vinegar to run them off with. It helped a bit, but I think our neighbor finally noticed our dilemma and built a better pen. What a site we must have been!


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