Thursday, February 3, 2011

What Can I Do?...... and an invitation

Don't you sometimes just feel helpless, when you know people are suffering and there's not a lot you can do?

I sort of felt a bit like that this morning.
I was planning on a slow day, just finishing off (yes, Im at that stage) my ripple blanket......

But I can't help thinking about not only the people in the floods in Queensland, but now the ones going through the cyclone.  I feel like crying (I did a bit)

A much better way to spend my day, will be to get to work on these -

These are the squares I started for the Sarah London Flood Appeal.

She has invited crocheters to send in granny squares of 5 rows each (more details on site), and she will have them made into blankets for the flood victims, to 'Crochet a Rainbow', as she put it.

If you have a spare half hour today, I would invite you to crochet along for a couple of squares and send them in.

It may not seem like a lot to some people, to crochet a few squares - but, when you think, that a lot of people have lost everything that they called 'home', these are the sorts of things that money can't necessarily replace.
It's like wrapping up your warm wishes around the people that receive them.

And it helps the people (like me) who feel there is nothing much they can do.  I CAN contribute, I CAN do something.  And that somehow makes me feel connected to them.

I heard one father on the news saying, "How do you tell your little boy that he can't go home".


P.S.  I just had a thought, that Im going to try and organise a crochet day at our Church, for people to come and crochet squares for the day, then send them in collectively - maybe you are part of a group that would be interested in doing that in your area.


  1. This is a great idea and I love your colours.

    A group I belong to (Knit4Charities) got off and running as soon as the news hit as they have members in the region. They had to close our challenge yesterday because they have been inundated with items. It feels good to do just a little for them

    And don't forget the floods in VIC and bushfires in WA & VIC - we certainly get the full mix in Oz

  2. Fi, thank you for stopping by and asking about my husband. He is doing well, only a couple minor problems, and can't complain. I read your posting and see what a kind hearted person you are. I will check out The Sarah London Flood Appeal site and see if I can do a bit to help.

  3. Hi Fi

    It's such a fantastic and totally worthwhile initiative that Sarah has organised. Even if every crafty blogger out there just made one square think of how many lovely blankets could be made to help people who truly need it. Your last comment about the father telling his little boy he couldn't go home has really struck a chord with me. We all moan about "silly little things" in life when really we shouldn't - what do we have to moan about when you see things like this happen? Absolutely nothing!

  4. Hi Fi
    I have been thinking about the people of Australia and hoping the cyclone hasnt caused too much damage. I have travelled through nsw and queensland so I know how beautiful it is and how nice the folks are.

    It seems Australia has been getting a lot of weather extremes recently, I hope things get a bit more peaceful for you all.

    Clare xx

  5. Hello all,
    Thankyou all for your kind comments.

    While there was a lot of damage done by the cyclone, it could have been much worse, they were expecting it to be much worse than it was.

    So far, there has been no loss of life or injury to people, and that is nothing short of a miracle. It was classified as class 5.

    Apparently, the cyclone hit the coast, later than predicted, and this meant that the tide had changed,and took some energy out of the cyclone, it was then downgraded to class 3. (im prob not explaining this right).

    While it would still have been terrifying, it was predicted to be much worse than it was.

    I believe in the power of prayer, and there was much fervent prayer on behalf of the Queensland people.
    Thankyou God.


  6. I'm totally going to do this! Just sent my sign up email an I'll write a blog post to see who else wants to help.

    Such a sweet and simple idea :)

  7. I saw the devastation from the cyclone on the news today. So sad. I think what you are doing is a great idea. Keep up the good work.

    Cindy Bee

  8. Hi Fi,
    To answer your question, no I didn't do the embroidery on the Springtime bags. I try to give a new life to all those old and damaged embroidered tray cloths that you find all crumpled and stained in Charity shops.

    Thanks for telling us about the Sarah London flood appeal. I shall take some yarn and a hook with me to the craft fair tomorrow and crochet some squares while I'm sat there. Cheers sweetie.

    love Fi x

  9. Heartfelt thanks to you for your thoughts and for doing the squares. Having experienced the floods first hand (water in my street, but not house), I can only say that the devastation to some peoples lives is immense. They will really appreciate a blanket made with love. Now with the cyclones, our state of Queensland has been through a truly terrible time. The kind thoughts of others around the world are really appreciated.

  10. Love the granny squares, I'm hoping to get a few more done this weekend, such a quick and easy thing to do for others. xx

  11. Just twigged where you live.. We used to live there - for a few mths in 1968.. On a dairy fram-didnt work out so we returned home to Nowra..Now in New England..
    l joined the lnverell ''Wrap With Love'' group, meet second Tuesday of the mth in the lnverell library... l do prefer to knit & crochet for our Aussie flood & fire victims though.. We are actually starting up a group at Bingara Library starting next Friday , next wk.. So heres hoping we get a few to help us knit, natter, crochet & enjoy .. Best Wishes, Hahnsmum.. New England, NSW..,


I love reading your comments. You made the sun shine brighter today.