Thursday, December 16, 2010

Cafe Crochet - Taking it to the streets

Now, seeing as this blog is brand new, and nobody knows I'm here (except my husband and my daughter), I might be asking this to myself, but, how many of you take your crochet/knitting/crafting to the cafe/pub/other local establishment?

Since I have discovered crochet, I usually manage to stash my project in my bag (I tend to carry fairly large bags, just for purposes such as these).

I am on my own most days - I do have Izzy, but she is a dog - so I try to make a point of wandering down to the local cafe for coffee and meeting the world at large.  Well, actually, it's not so large around here, I live in a small village, but you get the picture.

Anyway, last week, I was at the local cafe, sitting out in the sun with my coffee, when someone I sort of knew came over to see what I was doing.  I discovered that there is a little sewing/knitting group that meets once a week in the local community hall.

I went last week.  It's good to get out of the house and chat with other locals with similar interests.  I'm going to make chocolate brownies to take tomorrow, healthy version of course.


  1. Now for third time l will try again.. LOve crochet better than knitting..NIce to see you here, almost a neighbour,.. We used to have a farm at Sassafrs, over the hills from you.. So you now are in my favorites lists.. Try " Crochet With Raymond", also Fiona..Another clever girl, who loves crochet & knitting.. Best wishes..
    Pam Clarke.
    New England, NSW, OZ..

  2. l meant to add, l take my knitting or crochet EVERYWHERE with me..Had last wk at Syd hosp with hubby.Made a crochet rug in the week. .Great place to crochet..l also go to Bingara pub 3 mornings a week, ALWAYS take my crochet.

  3. Congratulations on starting your own blog...isnt it fun and just a little bit scary too!! Sending all your creativity into the big blue yonder.
    I started my own blog just a wee while ago...enjoying it lots so far. (
    I love the colours you chose for your crochet rug, they are truely scrummy. Glad to hear of another crafter who isnt afraid to crochet in public. Its such a great craft to take anywhere, especially on long flights :)
    I really look forward to seeing some more posts

  4. Hi Pam and Thrifty,
    I am LOVING this form of communicating with like minded people - and I dont even have to leave the house.

    Pam, the pub 3 mornings a week for crochet sounds great. I dont think Id find many crocheters at our local pub though......:)
    New England is nice.
    And, Im already in your wavelength it seems, crochet with Raymond is already one of the blogs I subscribe to - I want to try her teacosy pattern.

    Thrifty - Long the public crocheters!

  5. Hi Fiona, just subscribed to your blog. What a beautiful blanket you made for your first crochet project. Hee hee, I don't believe you, it's so gorgeous :-) I'm a new blogger too so it's truly a pleasure to "meet" you. xx Josie

  6. Hi there...Fun to see a new blog! I do even take my crochet to work, great to do while the actual work is a bit slow.( and my boss doesn't mind..)
    Love your artwork too....
    I'll be popping in again soon!


  7. Hi Josie and Ebi
    Thankyou for your comments.

    Ebi, nice work if you can get it - Id love to have a boss like that. Why not use your time wisely, eh?
    Josie, Im just popping over to look at your blog.

  8. oh yes i crochet EVERYWHERE, and I've made some very very good friends by doing so too, the kind that come and chat out of curiosity and then I teach them to hook and they become addicted!

    My pub hooky sessions are wonderful, usually about 6 or 8 of us, love it.

    ps welcome to Blogland!!!!! ♥

  9. Thankyou Lucy,
    Im so pleased to hear about people taking their craft to the public!
    your blog has been so inspirational to me, and, at first, when i was looking at your photos, I just thought that you must make really nice hot chocolates, or coffees, or whatever was in those mugs in your piccies - then I realised you were at a cafe.
    that was my inspiration for taking my camera to the cafe today.


  10. Hi Fiona,

    Saw your blog from Attic 24's comment section and had to have a look. I just started crocheting last summer and I love it, once I got the hang of reading the patterns. Your bedspread is gorgeous. Looks like your wee little sis loves it too! The flowers are pretty too. I do take my crocheting, knitting, magazines everywhere I go. You just never know if you're going to have some downtime and who likes to just sit when you could be doing something creative! I've never taken it to the pub though. Coffee shops, yes. Your "villages" sound so quaint. We don't have villages, we have subdivisions and they are a bit different I'm sure. Well keep up the good work and I will check back with you later.


  11. I always take my knitting to the launderette, and more often than not I get strangers sitting next to me to chat about the Knotty Arts. Loads of people say "I used to love to knit/crochet but I haven't done any for ages. I must dig out my needles when I get home!" Yay! Spread the yarn :)

  12. See,you're definitely not alone, we're all reading! I rarely go out in public (!) I mean to a cafe or pub, but I think I would take my crochet. I take it to other people's houses - knitting is perhaps a bit more dangerous what with the long sticks!

  13. Bee Lady, my sis doesnt stand a chance of getting that blanket, no matter how lovely she is! Too much blood sweat and impatience went into it...

    I know what you mean Wendy about the long sticks, I am a shocking knitter (might have to remedy that one day)

  14. Hello Fiona! Had to check out your new blog (saw your comment on Lucy's page). I have been wanting to do something too, a little shy to get my feet wet yet. You might be new to crochet, but your work is lovely and your first project is something to be very proud of. I will check back again. I am in awe and wonder at all the talented people we have at our finger tips :)

  15. Thankyou susanne,
    Go on take the plunge, you won't regret it!

  16. When I lived in France I took my knitting or crochet with me everywhere, as I lived in an isolated place, and wanted to get out and meet people. Now I live back in England, and am a 3-minute walk from the town centre, there is no point in doing that any more. Kinda sad...

  17. Hi! I found you after reading your comment on Attic 24! Hope you are enjoying your blog! I was inspired to comment, as I took my own crochet project to the coffee shop for the first time yesterday, and what a nice change from people watching! I am off to follow your blog! Lovely to find your little corner of creativity!

  18. I do the same thing, Fi! I always carry a bag big enough to hold a crochet project and a book. What a great idea, though, of taking it to the local cafe. How fortuitous for you to now be a part of a crafting group because of a day at the cafe. God has a special way of bringing unexpected blessings into our lives, doesn't He? ;-)

  19. Well Fiona, I am back for a second visit and since my first visit I have started a blog as well and loving every minute of it! I use to belong to a knit club that was started by a friend who owned a yarn shop. Unfortunately when she sold her shop the group fell apart. We were all ages, sharing a common interest and I do miss that bunch. So many speak about going to pubs, here in the states a pub is not a place you would take your yarn projects. I do take my projects along with me though when ever it is possible. Back when my daughters were taking weekly music lessons I killed some time and made enough granny squares to make an afghan. While my daughter was having her surgery I knitted a winter scarf. Yes, it is a conversation starter because people do come over to you and want to know what you are doing and making. I remember once I had a whole bunch of gals from the doctor's office standing over me and watching me continental knit. Most knew the English way to knit and what I was doing was new to them. My final thought is that all people should carry crochet hooks, knitting needles and a big bag of yarn...not only would it bring inner peace but maybe some world peace as well :)


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