Monday, January 24, 2011

50th Celebrations - Part One - the garden party

Seeing as my family weren't around for my birthday a few weeks ago, there was a convergence of the sisters (and daughters, niece and nephew) at my place this weekend gone.

The intention was that they would take me out to some fancy restaurant for a meal, after a day of browsing round the shops.

But thankfully, we came up with a better plan.  It was a hot day (for once this summer), perfect to go up to the local cheese store and stock up on supplies for a garden party.

That way, nobody had to drive, we didn't have to chase kids round shops, and, even better, we could CROCHET!

Sister #3 even donned her vintage apron for the occasion.

While sister #4 made sure she brought out the bags of crochet.....
We have a rustic table made out of an old door (which came of the aforementioned cheese store, funnily enough), which is under a shade tree.  Perfect.

This fruit platter was delicious.

So, we had a lot of my favourite things - trout, smoked salmon, cheese, pate...   We had quince paste, native raspberry paste, olives, dips, dukka and, of course, crusty bread.  (Did I leave out the wine?)

 I bought this jug that morning for $8 - bargain!

And sister #3 was kind enough to match her top to the floral arrangement.

And, of course, a little rest after eating....

More to come in Part Two - Generational Crochet Party



  1. Looks like a lovely time was had by all! :)

  2. Garden picnics make the best birthday celebrations :) I used to work for a posh cheese company - what did you have?

  3. What a perfect way to celebrate with family and I am so envious of your weather as we are experiencing the greyest January. My 50th was spent with the family .... all 23 of us plus Labrador had a long weekend on the coast in a huge rented manor just chilling, eating, drinking, sleeping then some more chilling, eating etc etc ;-)

  4. Im not sure what we had,(didnt ask, just ate, lol) but I know there was a glass mountain cheddar, some brie, and blue cheeses of unknown origin, (cos I dont eat it). It was all delicious....

    Lalabibaby, the long weekend on the coast sounds great too. Im picturing it all now (with lots of overcoats).


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