Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A Crochet Hexagonal Revamp

Do you remember this project from my UFO unveiling?

Well, I realised the reason that I wasn't getting on with it, was because I wasn't completely happy with the colours.
It looks good (I think), but when I laid it on the sofa it is intended for, it sort of just blended in a bit too much with the colours in the sofa, as the colours are quite close in value as is on the sofa.

I undid all the outer rows, and redid them in whitish. 

Now it really lifts the sofa when I place it on it. 
Now Im happy.

By the way, Im doing this one in an acrylic yarn from Spotlight (in Australia).  It's Moda Vera brand, and I think the name is Marvel.  Its $3 for 100g ball, and it is really quite soft.  They have a good colour range.

I didn't think I would like working in acrylic (and in some brands I tried, I definitely don't), but this one feels good to work with.
It's also what I crocheted the Fi's Flowery Granny square with, which is currently being turned into a cushion (instructions will be posted imminently....).



  1. Looks fab - you are amazing to undo them all... I am not that patient!!

  2. I think you made the right decision! loving how it's turning out.

  3. What a difference that made! It looks wonderful with the white border around it.

  4. It looks beautiful with the new outer color. Great job. What a great eye to have caught that and made a marvelous change for the better. Its looks great.

  5. I love the colors and the white really does make it pop! For some reason I am not loving my hexagon either - maybe I have too many colors going on.

  6. I love the hexagon afghan. I wish I were better at color. The white really made the colors pop out. Pretty.

    Cindy Bee

  7. Hi, I love your blog and your crochet projects. I am looking for guest bloggers and would love it if you would be one. please stop by and check out my blog and decide if you would like to or not. you can contact me at mariecozycorner@hotmail.com
    I am now following you :)

  8. Hi Fi,
    Thanks so much for popping by my blog and for your kind comments about my new crochet shed! I love your hexagon blanket, the white edging really brings out the beautiful colours you have used. Lovely!

  9. Looks wonderful, I love purple and sage together!

    yep, where did January go!

    Sarah x

  10. Your color palette is perfectly pretty!!
    Enjoy the last day of January xx

  11. That was brave of you to rip out so much of your hard work! I am glad you are pleased with the results. Made all the extra work worth it, huh? ;-) Good color choices. So pretty and yet peaceful, too.

  12. P.S. I love how streamlined your new blog layout is. Makes all your posts really pop. =)


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