Saturday, December 18, 2010

The Red Gate

When I drove down to my Friday afternoon craft group, chocolate brownies in hand, I was the first one there and the door was still locked.

So I kept driving down the road, which leads on to the next little village (in truth, about 6 houses in total).
I found this lovely red gate.

Don't you think it fits in with Christmas really well?

It was the Old Post Office, but no longer is.



  1. I've always had a thing for red front doors and gates. There's something uber inviting about them.

    I'm just gonna go out to the shed and see if there's any red paint around...

  2. I knew a family where I used to live and they changed the color of their front door every year! I was always wondering what they'd do every year. One year they had a really bright red door, really liked it!

  3. Great photo as I happen to enjoy pictures of doors, gates, entryways, passageways, etc. The red is definitely cheery and festive. I understand a red entry is good luck in "feng shui" terms! x Josie


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