No idea what I am doing here - yet.


On a whim I have set up this blogspot.
I have no idea how to operate this thing yet, so hang on.

Why have I bothered, you may well ask.
Well, I'll tell you.

To give me someone to share all the ideas and inspirations I get in a day (and there can be many), someone to drink a cup of tea with and to look at whatever crafty concoction I have been tinkering with at that minute, and generally to 'ooh' and 'aahhh' over all said stuff - get the picture?

So, if you happen to love china teacups, cottage gardens, crochet, painting, sewing, folk art, country lanes, herbs and flowers, and so on, and so forth, ..... then I think we can be friends.


  1. Yes it is a beautiful blanket. I'm very lucky too be receiving it for xmas.

    Love Your wee Sister Margaret

  2. Yes that is a lovely rug for yr bed.. l havent tried that stitch..And also learnt the hard way as you did, ALWAYS sew in loose ends as you go..So much easier, eh !!

  3. l wonder why the time & date are wrong on the comments.. lts only 2.50 pm , here on Thursday, 16th December..Just curious..Maybe its my silly puter.. Regards,
    Pam Clarke..New England, NSW

  4. I'm a bit confused too, as these comments seem to have no relevance to this post...

    However, I love all the things you mention above so, if you like, we could be blogging friends.

  5. HI Penny and Hahnsmum,

    Sorry about the time thing, not sure why that is, it must be something I missed when setting up the blog, Ill have a look.

    Also, the content confusion came from my sister, who wanted to leave a comment on my blog, but isnt used to blogs yet, so commented on the wrong post! She was talking about the blanket in the post above .

    Penny, I am just sending you an email.

  6. Hi - I've just found your lovely blog, it's full of inspiration and beautiful things.
    Good luck with blogging - it's great fun.
    Best wishes
    Jill x


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