Saturday, December 18, 2010

Christmas Earrings - Tutorial

Ok, here goes.
Disclaimer: - I DID iron the table cloth, but sometimes, they just don't cooperate.......

P.S. (I am wearing these earrings as I post this, because I'm growing quite attached to them, I'm really getting the Christmas love feeling..)

Here are the basic supplies you will need for this project

I've used a double-sided, satin polyester ribbon, the kind you buy on a roll for a couple of dollars.  It is approximately 6mm wide (1/4")

2 rings of some description - I have used 'O' rings (these are the ones in the picture), the rubbery ones that you buy from the hardware to fix taps.  You can use split rings, jump rings, curtain rings, whatever you can get your hands on, as long as they aren't too heavy.

Green crochet cotton/thread.- The one pictured is DMC Coton Perle no. 5 (I think it is roughly about a 4 ply).  You don't need to use the same weight exactly, just use what you have.

Crochet hook to match the yarn weight.  I've used 2.50mm

Earring findings - 2 hooks, 2 headpins

2 medium sized beads of your choice

Red seed beads - size not really important. As long as you can get your needle through them.

A sewing needle and a thinner thread in similar colour to the green used for wreath.  This is to sew the seed beads on.

You will also need some basic jewellery making tools to attach hooks and headpins, pictured below.
Mine have become quite rusty, as they have been lying out in the shed for years, untouched.
A bit of steel wool, should fix them though.

From left to right, round-nose pliers for making the round loops on the headpins, chain, or flat-nose pliers (Im really not sure what the correct name for these ones are) for bending the headpins and flush cutters for snipping the headpins.

Please note: I am using UK terms, I will try and put the U.S. terms in brackets

Step 1.

Begin with a slip knot on the hook and DC (double-crochet) (US - single crochet) into the ring, all the way around - don't make your stitches too jammed tight together, just a nice even tension.

Slip Stitch into the first DC.

Step 2.

Slip stitch into the next DC along.
Chain 5, turn work around, and miss 1 DC and slip stitch into the next. (In the picture below, I haven't showed the work turned around, I photographed from the front of the work, so that you could see it clearer).

Slip stitch into every DC (not the ones inside the loop or making up the loop) around the ring.

Fasten off yarn.
Sew in ends.

Step 3.
(If you are having too much difficulty with the headpin making loops section, you could always improvise by attaching the beads and ribbon onto thread.
I would also strongly suggest, if you have not tried any jewellery making before, to go to youtube and search for videos on making loops with headpins, or making earrings, etc, so that you can get a better look at how to handle the tools.)
Make a loop on one end of headpin.
First, bend the headpin with the chain nose pliers (about 1.5cm (approx. 3/4") from the end), at a right angle.

Cut off the end, so that about 12mm (1/2") remains. (approx.)

Put the round nose pliers right at the end and turn the end up toward you.

And roll the pliers toward you to make a loop.

Thread the beads and the bow on.

Now you need to make another loop above the ribbon.  Bend the wire as before, just above the ribbon, and make a loop as before.

Open up the loop with the pliers and attach the hook. Close loop.
Open up the other end and attach to the chain loop of earring. Close loop.

Thread the sewing needle with the thinner green thread and sew red seed beads around the edge.

And, voila!  Christmas holly crochet earrings!

Happy, Merry Christmas!