Tuesday, December 20, 2011

A Village View - the Old Cheese Factory

The week before Christmas, I took a little stroll 'uptown'.

This is the Old Cheese Factory building, which houses various businesses.  On the odd Saturday morning, we like to saunter up there, hoping to find a new little treasure or two.

Is it just in the Southern Highlands, or is all of Australia determined to plant every driveway and edging with Aga-flippin'-panthus?

It's not that I don't like them.  They are just everywhere.

Anyway, remember me telling you up the little shop that Zoe and her mum have, up here at the 'cheeso'?  Well, they have moved into a bigger shop (still in the cheese factory) - and it looks great.

I never seem to be able to visit without buying something.

Note the angel sitting in the window.

You might recognise her from my previous post, as she is now sitting on my dresser, next to my 'old' nativity set.

Foxgloves are one of my all time favourites.

We stopped in to a local cafe for a cool drink and a spot of crochet.  This is the beginning of my star garland - yes, it did come from the Royal Sisters.

I hope you are all having a calm and restful boxing day.

I am. 


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  1. Fi, we don't celebrate Boxing Day in the states, but we should, lol.....sounds like all of you who do celebrate it are having a good day of rest and relaxation. I could sure use some of that!


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