Monday, December 19, 2011

Ships Log - and a few of Fi's Christmas treasures

Ship's Log.
No land in site.

It's the week before Christmas, on a Monday morn, on the east coast of Australia.  The natives assure us that this is the time for blistering heat, buckets of perspiration and the constant whir of the strange beast called the air conditioner....

I am sorely tempted to mark these ideas down to mere mythology, or perhaps the deranged and fanciful imaginings of a water-logged mind.

The journey has been long. 
We started off from the Port of Winter some months ago now.  We sailed around the coast of Spring, with the rain lashing against us, relentlessly.

We spied the harbour of Summer, from the crow's nest, some time ago, hope swelling in our hearts - finally sailing in on the first day of December.

We have checked and rechecked our charts for navigational errors - surely we must have taken a wrong turn somewhere!

But, alas, no.
It seems this is to be our lot for this harbour.

Rain, rain and more rain.

I fear mutiny.

Written by my hand,
Captain Fi
This 19th day of the month of December, in the year of our Lord, 2011.

On a much happier note, I really wanted to share with you some of the Christmas bits and pieces that I get a lot of pleasure from.
Isn't it the little ordinary things in a day that can add up to make it extraordinary?

Now, you can take the girl out of the snow, but you sure can't take the snow out of the girl!!  I might be in Oz, but you can't beat a snowman at Christmas.  I love this little pair. 

Now, if I was uploading my posts in chronological order (which I'm not today), you would recognise this garland as 'wot-i-woz-up-to-at-the-cheeso-', but seeing as I haven't posted that yet, you won't.

I only made this garland yesterday, but I think it has to go on the favourite list.

This is my new addition for this Christmas (apart from above-mentioned star garland).

It is my early Christmas present from my darling one, a new nativity scene.

I was drawn to the simplicity of the figures.  That somehow fits in with a stable birth - don't you think?

And this is the 'old' nativity scene.

I bought this about 17 years ago.  It is an entirely different look to the smaller, new one, but still very beautiful and it has been with me through many Christmases (sp?), good and bad.  

This one is sitting on a dresser in my bedroom, so I get to look at it when I go to sleep and when I wake up.

A few years ago, however, there was an unfortunate accident.  Can you see Mary's hand?  No, because it broke off.  Shame.

Now, I pondered whether to save this one for a separate post, as this one falls into the category of 'Fi's Perpetual Christmas Card List'.

Fi's what?
Perpetual Christmas Card List.  I save my favourite cards each year, that I can't part with.  Either because of the beautiful picture, or the beautiful words.  My family have now taken it as a personal challenge to come up with a 'perpetual'.

So far, my mother is winning with the tally.  This is one of hers.  I've had this one maybe 10 years.
I was thinking of doing a post with my perpetual cards altogether, or something,...

Now, this piece is quite special (to me, anyway), because I painted it.

It is a design by Jo Sonja Jansen (who else?) that I painted, mmmm, let me think - about 18 years ago.

Oh my gosh!  Did I just say 18 years!  Where did they go?

I hope my daughter appreciates it, as she will be the inheritor of it, one day.

Well, looking through those treasures has cheered me up some and brought a bit of sunshine into another wise dreary day.



  1. Well I had no idea you were such a funny. Hmmm, the weather is getting to you huh? I know...a few dreary days in a row can bring a person down. Good for you for looking at the blessings in life though. If your daughter doesn't appreciate that painting, you can send it my way! Did those stars come from Royal Sister blog? I made some but never did turn them into've motivate me to do so, just as soon as I finish the scarves....
    Cindy Bee

  2. Fi, it has been a crazy holiday here too. No snow (thank goodness) but plenty of overcast and gloomy days. The sun did shine a bit yesterday and on Christmas Eve. It has been cold, burrrr. Love your new nativity set. I agree, simple is so much more, kinda like less is more. I like the lighter colors too, kinda on the pastel side, the angel is beautiful. Thanks for sharing. Hope you have had a very Merry Christmas and have a Happy New Year!
    Susanne :)


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