Monday, January 2, 2012

African Flower Hexagon and Little Woollie's Kitty Cat

Happy New Year to All,

I am starting off the New Year in fine style, by 'having a go' at the African Flower Hexagon.

I used the tutorial at Heidi Bear's place here

Here are my first hex's

Don't you just love the flowery-ness of them?
I do.

My intention is to make a handbag like the one I saw on ravelry here.

But I can't really do the bag, until I finish the other project I started - the Kitty Cat from Little Woollie.

Poor kitty has no arms or legs yet.

This is to sit on my daughter's bed - eventually.

I'll let you know how I go.



  1. Hey Fi, happy new year to you, hope it's a productive and crafty one.

    Love your hexies and they'll look great as a bag. I bought some bag handles from Lincraft when they were on sale for the very same thing. A crocheted bag is on my list.....which grows longer daily !!

    Gorgeous colours you chose for the kitty....I'm sure your daughter will love it. Little Woollie is a great blog, I love Jules work.

    Claire :}

  2. Hello, Fi! Thanks for visiting me still. Happy new year, all the best for you!

  3. African Flower Hex is my very favorite. I have done 2 blankets, the second one my daughter bought from me to give her friend for Christmas and she said everyone at the party LOVED it!Fi your flowers are lovely. There just isn't any combination of colors that looks bad. Can't wait to see that cat! Happy New Year!!

  4. I love the pattern! The colours you're using are super too. Which yarn? Is it cotton?

  5. Hi Rachell,
    Do you mean the african flower or the kitty cat?

    The african flower blocks are a mixture of various brands 8 ply wool. Most of them are actually "Cozy Wool", which is a brand here in Oz sold in Lincraft.

    The Kitty cat is done in wool also - it is 'Loyal' brand, which is made in New Zealand.



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