Thursday, December 13, 2012

It's beginning to feel a bit like......

After what seems like an eternity, I did actually get my crochet hook out the other day.

I really didn't want to think too much, you know, straining the brain about what to make.  I just wanted to feel the comfort of a familiar friends, wool and hook - shared with tea, blankets and the dog.

What better spot to call in at, but our dear Miss Lucy.


I knew she had tutorials and patterns for quick little numbers like this flower.



I didn't care if I didn't finish it (which I haven't yet......), it was just for the fun of it.  Which is often the best way, no pressure, no time limits.  Bliss.

And on the seasonal front, I've been 'tizzing up' daughter's bedroom. 
Found these gorgeous hand made baubles in the local Cheese Factory shop.  The lady at the post office made these.
I fetched some twigs from the garden and hey, presto!

Hope you are having a 'non-frantic' lead up to Christmas.


  1. You can always rely on Lucy for something wonderful to crochet .........
    Gorgeous flower Fi, wouldn't mind some of them growing in my garden.
    Nice to have a little crafty something on the go.
    Love the baubles and twigs, understated but very effective/.
    Quite chilled here, despite a warmish day, last market on Saturday, so frantic on the sewing front. Better get back to it.

    Claire x

  2. Not much going on here Fi. I am in a bit of a funk and can't seem to crawl out of it. With hubby's health issues and some other family issues it isn't very cheerful around here.


I love reading your comments. You made the sun shine brighter today.