Tuesday, September 4, 2012

I wandered lonely as a cloud.....

....but first of all....


...'nuff said.

Ok, moving right along.

I've had this for a few weeks, but, because of the issue with the aforementioned implement, I haven't shown you.

Dearest Claire, from over at Sweet Birdy Love, made me this beautiful, and much appreciated item.  I saw a similar one in one of her posts about her market stall.  That one had blue check fabric on it, which I adored, but knew I had to have it in green. 

"And then my heart with pleasure fills
and dances with the daffodils."
W. Wordsworth.

I ordered one, and within a couple of days, it was in my letterbox, would you believe.  Boy, that girl is quick!  But don't think that she sacrifices quality... oh no, this is one well-made item, lined and everything.

Thankyou Claire.

On another note, this is what the weather looks like today.

After nearly two years of no summer (to speak of), this Spring is already shaping up to be sunny, and it's only 4 days in!
Happy Spring all you Ozzies,


  1. Oh Fi what a lovely daffodil tea cozy! I have never seen anything quite like it. And it does look like you are in for a beautiful and well deserved Spring. I am jealous. We are heading into Fall and then towards Winter. I always prefer Spring and Summer with the fresh breezes blowing through my house. Enjoy!

  2. That is a cute tea cozy. Spring? Autumn here....but we had a very hot dry summer. Hardly no rain at all. Destroyed a lot of crops so of course, prices on food (and everything else) is going up. Well, gotta run, my Shug just pulled up and I'm supposed to be doing something productive! Not playing on the computer!!! I gotta act busy....

    Cindy Bee

  3. Hello Fi! I am so glad you found your missing item. the tea cozy is so sweet. I have been wanting to knit or crochet one for myself. I just haven't had time to mess with it. I have been stash busting though, trying to use up most of my yarn so I can do some other things, like dust off my sewing machine and do some quilting!
    Have a great week,
    Susanne :)

  4. Hey Fi, thankyou for the lovely words, so glad you like the cosy and that you found your missing battery charger.....
    I arrived home on Friday from my trip away and it's a chilly weekend here, love it, but have picked up a cold so today is a rest day. So catching up on blogs and enjoying looking out at the Spring garden.
    Hope you are enjoying your weekend, my sister tells me it's rather chilly up in the Highlands today.....

    Claire x

  5. Hey Fi.....are you lost now? Come on...post something....I miss you!

    Cindy Bee


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