Wednesday, March 14, 2012

I'm a winner!!!!!!

Here I am sipping martinis - because I'm a winner!

(Of course, you do realise that it's not really me, don't you?)

Just a photo in a crochet mag I happened to be reading whilst sipping coffee in my local.

So, why am I metaphorically sipping martinis?

Because, I won this!!!!

The lovely Clare over at Selfsewn Blog, had a giveaway to celebrate her newly relocated home on the web, (she used to be summerfete), and out of 102 entries, she picked me.

How brilliant.

Clare is a VERY talented young lady (actually, not sure how old she is, but she sure looks young in her photo) and is championing the side for the English paper piecing method of patchwork.

I have been intending for ages to make one of thse blocks myself - huh, we all now how long those 'Im going to one day' lists get - and now I will be the proud owner of one of hers. 

She has tutorials on her blog for hand-piecing, and a really great one on 'fussy cutting'.
Don't know what that is, then, check it out.

OOOhhhhh, I should be so lucky,
lucky, lucky, lucky.

Thanks Clare,



  1. Yes you are a winner! How nice and how lucky to win from so many people who participated. Very good luck indeed. Fussy cutting....for instance, I did that with a few of the pieces of my charm tumbler quilt, I cut a piece of black material that had a pair of beach tongs embroidered on the fabric. When I cut the piece I made sure the sandals/tongs were right in the center of the cut piece....and again I did the same with a piece where I wanted a snowman on a sled centered to include the little does that make sense or could I have described it better, lol When I took the pic of my quilt I should have focused on some of those blocks so that I could have referred to them when talking about fussy cutting.
    Susanne :)

  2. Ahhh that is so lovely lucky you ;-)) Enjoy, dee x

  3. I think that is you sipping martinis!!
    Everyone has to win, every once and a while.
    So glad it was you.
    Clare xx

  4. Hey Fi, was thinking about you this afternoon and there you were comm

    Well done on the win, how wonderful to be picked out of 102 entries!!
    Lovely patchwork piece. I am a novice, I know nothing about fussy cutting so am about to learn.

    Claire x

  5. Congrats, Fi! I am so happy for you!

  6. Congratulations!!! It's so fun to be a winner!

    Cindy Bee

  7. Hola preciosos tus trabajos y mucha alegría eso me gusta besos Sandra.


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