Saturday, June 16, 2012


as they say in Oz.

That just means 'hello', really.  Or 'hey, how are you going'.

I've been suffering from a bit of 'after-holiday-itis' lately.  Probably heightened by the fact that it is winter in Ozland.

But I've also been having technical equipment issues.  Aren't these things supposed to make our lives easier?
To save time, not suck up your time?

My camera wouldn't work, so had to take the photos with my phone (which takes better pictures anyway), then I couldn't get the pictures off the phone and onto the computer (some software issue).

I think I have the camera sorted now, so should be back in business. (If truth be known, all that was wrong with the camera, was that I had inadvertently flipped the little thingy on the memory card to the 'locked' position, but, shhhhhhh..... don't tell anyone).

I really wanted to show you the photos I took just before I went on holiday.
It was the 'day my kitchenaid mixer died' episode.

I make my own sourdough bread.

It saves money, but, largely it's for health reasons.  Breads made with refined flours and refined yeast (bakers yeast) don't sit well with me.

Sourdough starter fermenting away

Dough being kneaded in my now defunct mixer

Bread in tins waiting to rise

I wanted to share the process with you.

I made the bread, taking photos of all the stages (the ones above are only a few of them).

The bread was kneading in the bowl (the kitchenaid has a dough hook).

I just popped out the back for a minute.

I came back in to a horrible labouring sound coming from the mixer and a horrible smell.

Goodbye mixer.

It looked so pretty.

So, for mothers day, my sweetheart bought me a new mixer to make my bread in.

It is a Bosch.

So far, I am not convinced of its capabilities in bread kneading.

I'm considering going the 'no-knead' variety.

Or giving up bread.



  1. Sorry about your mixer! It's so gorgeous I would have to keep it on a shelf in my kitchen even tho it's broke!!! x

  2. Hey Fi, can the Kitchen Aid Doctor help, what a shame to retire such a beautiful mixer and a red one at that!!

    Home made bread, mum used to make bread, love the smell of it baking.
    Glad you got the camera issue sorted....frustrating maybe but at least it wasn't a costly problem.

    Claire :}

  3. Oh I'm soo sorry for you! Have the exact same red one, isn't it jusst the loveliest thing to knead dough. Mainly pizza here, or 'vetkoek''s a South African thing ;-), now and then a bread, should do it more.
    Good luck with the new one.

  4. I LOVE my Kitchenaid mixer. But mine is white, not red. mmmmm, home made bread. I wonder if you'd want to share that recipe. Sounds yummy. I have the exact same thing happen to me with my camera card and I looked up online how to fix it. Simple simple simple. I was even going to do a blog post about it, but never did. Thanks for the reminder.

    Glad you're back!

    Cindy Bee

  5. Yay a breadmaking "flier"! I love that you wanted to join the really is so very tempting some day....but not a circus with animals, only acrobats and clowns and horses, of course horses are allowed!
    RIP Kitchenaid...that is most sad....but a new Bosch era awaits!

    Sarah -x-


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