Wednesday, June 8, 2011

A Quick Hello

Hi All,
Thought I would drop in and share a quick cup of tea with you this morning.
(Cindy, pick yourself up off the floor please, no falling down with shock around here....)

Just letting you all know that I am now half way through the course (well, actually, its two courses) - just about turning the corner.

Life has been too hectic for anything - especially housework.  Im longing for the day that I can scrub the house .  My gosh - did I actually say that? 

There has not been a crochet hook or a paint brush in sight for a while.  I have managed to grow some winter greens in the veggie garden tho.

Im learning so much through the courses (reflexology and aromatherapy).  I think essential oils are now my passion.  They are so good for so many things.

It's freezing here today, and I have a day off from college, so Im going to surprise by dearheart by making him a pot of pumpkin soup to warm his cockles, if he comes home for lunch.


  1. OMG! And I was just closing my computer and I saw Teacups and Tiscuits at the top of my blog list! WHAT!?!?! Really?

    Here's an aromatherapy question for you. How long do essential oils last? I've had a bunch for about ten years...should I just toss them?

    It's HOT HOT HOT here. I don't miss winter at all!

    Cindy Bee

    PS - Glad your back. I'm drinking a beer though instead of tea. I can't help it, it's hot here! Think of it as drinking hops!!!

  2. I forgot to mention that my house is in HORRIBLE shape too. I don't have time for housework either! It's awful and I can't believe I'm saying that but I am.

    Cindy Bee

  3. Hi Cindy Bee,

    Toss 'em.

    I know some people will tell you they last for ever, but they don't.
    some will last longer than others, but best to use them up within 2 years.

    They would probably be ok if just using in an oil burner/vapouriser, but not on the skin.

    By the way, my sis had to have a bee colony removed from the wall of her house.


  4. So glad to hear you're enjoying your course! Both fascinating subjects - I wish I could be your guinnea pig!

  5. OH mannnn...all that money down the drain. I shoulda used 'em up. Well, I guess I will put the ones that smell good to use by burning them and the rest...down the drain.

    Good to hear from you by the way.

    Cindy Bee


I love reading your comments. You made the sun shine brighter today.